Don Mescall in Concert

Don Mescall in Concert

International Singer and Songwriter Don Mescall will be performing at St Patrick’s Gateway Centre on 19th August starting at 8 p.m.

Tickets are €10

Don Mescall songs have sold on over 10 million records worldwide and received more than 16 million hits on YouTube

Since releasing his debut album ‘Innocent Run’ in 2006 (on the U.S. ‘Curb’ label) Don Mescall’s reputation as a songwriter has truly skyrocketed. His songs have been sought out and recorded by a diverse group of highly acclaimed pop, country, folk and even classical artists, many reaching the top of the charts in the very competitive global music market.

Don’s songs have been recorded by Rascal Flatts, The Backstreet Boys, Lonestar, Ronan Keating, Mackenzie Porter, Sharon Corr, American Idol’s Clay Aiken, Boyzone, Canadian Idol Winner Theo Thams, Aslan, Lulu, Kirsty, The New Cities, French Canadian artist Garou, Woodstock’s legendary Richie Havens, Neal McCoy, Brian Kennedy, Luke Dickens, Jaydee Bixby, The High Kings, Frances Black, and many more.

Don is also a successful performer in his own right, singing his own compositions and appearing on stages throughout his native Ireland and the UK, Europe and the States. He is actively involved in music production, recording, and the development of new talent worldwide. Don presently divides his time between London, Dublin and Nashville.

Don Mescall’s most recent achievements include the release of Boyzone’s ‘BZ20’ 20th Anniversary album, which featured three of his compositions: ‘Heaven is’, ‘The Hour Before Christmas’, and rock Anthem ‘Rise’. The Record made the Top Ten in both the UK and Irish album charts followed by a sold out the live Arena tour.


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